Hailee Steinfeld Releases “Back to Life” from Bumblebee Movie

Hailee Steinfeld released her new single “Back to Life” from her upcoming movie Bumblebee in which she plays the film’s main character, Charlie. The movie is a spin-off of the Michael Bay-produced Transformers movies. Not much is known currently about the movie’s plot other than that Steinfeld’s character, Charlie Watson, finds and befriends Bumblebee and they work together.

“Back to Life” is the first song of Steinfeld’s that appears in a movie that she stars in (apart from Pitch Perfect songs, which are not part of her official solo work). Steinfeld shared her excitement about this in a recent Instagram post.

“Back to Life” is a fun electro-pop anthem that fits in nicely with the rest of Steinfeld’s discography. The track is about a uniting and powerful love that “transcends through space and time.” She sings in the chorus, “Cause I’m bringing you back to life. And I know that you’re gone, but I swear that you’re here. It’s a feeling that won’t disappear,” before the dancefloor beat drops.

Steinfeld co-wrote the track specifically for the movie. This is her third song that appears on a movie’s soundtrack, following “Capital Letters,” her collaboration with Bloodpop from Fifty Shades Freed and “Love Myself,” which appeared on the Jem and the Holograms soundtrack.

The track will be performed for the first time at the MTV EMAs, which Steinfeld is also hosting.

Give “Back to Life” a listen below and tell us what you think of it in the comment section.

Featured Image: Instagram (@HaileeSteinfeld)

Sarah DeNunzio

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