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Shawn Mendes and Khalid Encourage Youth to Vote with Inspirational Music Video

Powerful. Inspired. Speechless. In complete awe. All are words and emotions that were provoked in Shawn Mendes’ recent music video for his single “Youth” featuring Khalid. The music video premiered exclusively on Apple Music with a message telling the youth of America to use their voices and be heard this Election Day.

Like many other young artists, Shawn and Khalid are using their platforms for good this election season in aims of getting young voters involved and aware of important issues, and what better way to do that than with a music video?

The video is set in New York City and opens with clips of the powerful speeches for March For Our Lives given by survivors of the Parkland High shooting. The rest of the video stars 30 young trailblazers, with minor appearances of Shawn and Khalid. These trailblazers include musicians, artists, actors, dancers, inventors, scientists, activists, researchers, and future politicians, including people with visible and nonvisible disabilities and of various cultures and communities. The nearly eight-minute visual highlights each child at the end, giving their name, age and passion along with a short clip of their talents.

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Go vote.

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One of the most powerful clips is that of 21-year-old Sonita Alizadeh, rapper and activist, rapping original lyrics, “Mics are ready to go shake the world, we will not be quiet ’til we find some peace / No one will have the courage to kill our dreams anymore / There is no weapon stronger than our voice.”

The music video is a representation of what we all need right now. This generation has the ability to change the world and make an impact. We are the future. Our voices need to be heard in as many ways possible. Election Day is here and our voices and our votes matter. We must continue using our voices until we are heard and until changes are made.

To watch the “Youth” music video on Apple Music click here.

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