Astrid S Emotion Music Video

Astrid S Battles a Toxic Relationship with Herself in “Emotion” Music Video

Astrid S just dropped a new video for her song, “Emotion,” in which she fights to get out of a toxic relationship with herself. “Emotion” is the “Hurts So Good” singer’s first release since her self-titled debut EP in 2016.

In the song breakdown video, Astrid explained that the track was written about a childhood friendship that displayed an unhealthy power dynamic.

“She kind of had me wrapped around her finger at one point, so I would do anything for her and I was obsessed with her because I thought she was the coolest girl in the whole world. She was able to say anything to me and I would just take it. In the end I felt like I became some kind of punching bag for her.”

It wasn’t until later in life that the Norwegian singer recognized the relationship’s toxicity — as we often do, by seeing it reflected back to us through art. She recognized the same power struggle of her childhood friendship when she watched the films Black Swan and Whiplash.

“It’s a very relatable dynamic to have in a relationship. Someone has power over the other and they misuse it and they make you feel like shit. Then you start believing the worst they say. So in the end you believe you’re a bad person but you’re not.”

In the “Emotion” video, Astrid complicates this dynamic by making the combative characters two versions of herself.

“I wanted the video to show a loving but toxic relationship. I also wanted it to show a different side of the song — how you sometimes can be your own biggest enemy — being self-destructive.”

The characters cross a breathtaking Icelandic landscape, alternately being affectionate with each other, pushing each other, chasing each other, laughing, and crying. Toward the end of the video, their actions become violent, with one girl breaking a window in the other’s car, and later holding the other down underwater in the bath. Finally one alter ego evaporates into thin air.

Haven’t seen the “Emotion” video for yourself? Check it out HERE:

Featured Image: UMG/Universal Music

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