LÉON Unpacks a Wide Array of Feelings in New Single “Falling”

In the midst of “cuffing season,” Swedish pop-soul singer LÉON hit us all in the feels with her new single “Falling,” which was released late last week. “Falling” is LÉON’s second release this year, following “Baby Don’t Talk,” which was released back in September.

LÉON’s musical reputation has known to be very transparent and emotional, which makes “Falling” a perfect fit in the rest of her discography. LÉON depicts a wide array of emotions through her projects, including love, lust, heartbreak and separation. She admits that she, too, is guilty of dwelling on those relationships that you just know deep down aren’t good for you. “Falling” walks you through all of the time-consuming contemplation that goes on inside LÉON’s head, which is an experience most of us can relate to.

What differentiates “Falling” from LÉON’s previously released tracks is the catchy beat that’s nearly infectious. Within the first few seconds of the track, you’re instantly hooked by the combination of the jazzy tempo and LÉON’s raspy, soulful vocals. There’s something about LÉON’s voice that feels not only soothing, but inspiring as she belts out each lyric. She uses her feelings as fuel to her work and creates beauty in vulnerability. Oh, and did we mention that she completely pulls off writing a song that juxtaposes itself? The creative talents of LÉON in collaboration with the production duo Electric allowed the singer to pull off an emotional breakup song that’s somehow catchy and upbeat, which is quite impressive.

The main issue at hand in “Falling” revolves around coping with a nonreciprocal relationship. LÉON describes how it feels to be the partner who gives too much of themselves, receiving little to nothing in return. She drives herself mad trying to figure out why she still has feelings for someone who has neglected her time and affection, but for some reason she keeps returning to this person.

LÉON expands on this in the second verse where she sings, “I wish that I could say us meeting up is getting old, I wish it wasn’t easy to fool myself and lose control // I know it doesn’t work, And I know it only hurts // But I keep falling in.” She even admits that “I’ll be giving you too much // You won’t give me back enough // But I keep trying again.” Heavy in self reflection, “Falling” is wonderfully honest and addresses all of the nitty-gritty that most people brush under the rug when it comes to romance.

LÉON spilled to Billboard her inspiration behind the new single. She said, “It’s a lot about feeling like you have nothing left to lose, kind of — that feeling of wanting someone so much that you’re willing to come back time and time again, and never giving up…  which in some ways can seem a bit pathetic, but I liked the idea of writing about it, since I’ve found myself in those kind of situations before.”

Be sure to keep LÉON on your radar. She plans to release her self-titled debut album next year, but in the meantime, show some love and listen to the new single here! We promise we won’t judge you for playing it on repeat!

Featured Image: Sandra Thorsson