Little Mix The Cure Review

Little Mix Release Another Girl Power Anthem, “The Cure,” Ahead of Fifth Studio Album

If you consider yourself to be a Little Mixer, you’re already fully aware of the fact that your favorite U.K. girl group, Little Mix, is dropping their fifth studio album this Friday, LM5. Already, the group has released several singles from their new LP, including “Woman Like Me” featuring Nicki Minaj, “Told You So,” and now, “The Cure.”

Similar to “Woman Like Me,” “The Cure” serves as yet another girl power anthem, but honestly, who’s complaining? Not us! The new single acknowledges that, while we all go through darks periods in our lives, we’re all capable of pulling through and being confident and happy, which is a message we can all benefit from.


The girls sing, “This happiness was always inside me // But Lord, it took a minute to find me // And this freedom I found is worth a million o’ you now // And I’m puttin’ all my troubles behind me // I only need my heart to guide me.”

Clearly, this is a song all about growth, and if we’re being totally transparent, it’s the encouragement we could all use to get through whatever is bogging us down at the moment so that we can eventually see how good things can be once we make it through. It reminds us that, rather than sulking during bad times, we should consider these dark times challenges that we can and will overcome.

In addition to the overarching message of the song being inspiring AF, it’s also extremely catchy. While at first it may sound like a ballad, the song quickly speeds up during the chorus for hard-hitting and relatable lyrics like “I was a little bit lost, but not anymore,” and “The tears spilled out, but they don’t anymore.” Each lyric serves as a reminder that everyone can bounce back from trying times, even if it may seem impossible.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll probably have “The Cure” playing on repeat for a couple of weeks — or at least until LM5 drops on Friday. We don’t know about you, but we’re hoping the girls will slay us with even more girl power anthems. Until then, you can listen to “The Cure” HERE:

Featured Image: Instagram (@littlemix)

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