Haim Holiday Merchandise 2018

HAIM Offers Support to Jewish Community with Merchandise Benefitting Tree of Life Synagogue

The Haim sisters are quirky, spunky, and everything in between, but their recent holiday merchandise is yet another reason to love them! Just like their previous collections, the girls are offering up shirts with their baby pictures, photos of super cool dogs wearing sunglasses, and other unique t-shirt designs that stay true to their endearing personalities.


Not only are there cute animals front and center on cozy sweats, but the girls also cleverly dubbed the holidays “Haimidays” and are throwing their Jewish roots into the mix, too! For example, a long-sleeved “Happy Haimukkah” shirt with a colorful Star of David and phrases like, “dreidel,” “menorah,” “candles,” “latkes” and more is also being sold. See?


Along with the exceptional holiday spirit, a portion of the sales from this shirt will go to the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This particular synagogue is where 11 innocent people lost their lives after a gunman entered during services on October 27. Of course, this speaks volumes about the sisters’ willingness to lend a hand to the Jewish community and squash antisemitism altogether, and we couldn’t be more appreciative of their efforts.

The trio has been very vocal about their Jewish roots in the past. Throughout their career, they’ve spoken about their love for their mother’s Jewish cooking, saying, “Our mother makes the best sweet kugel. We also love making latkes all year round.” They’ve also discussed their admiration for their father’s roots. Originally from Israel, their father raised them to follow many Jewish customs and traditions.

Clearly, the Haim sisters are extremely proud of who they are, and we respect them so much for stepping forward and helping the Jewish community at a time like this. The “Happy Haimukkah” shirt and the rest of the band’s holiday merchandise collection is currently on sale now, so go snatch it while you can!

Buy Haim’s new holiday merch here.

Featured image source: Twitter

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