Ariana Grande Thank U Next Music Video Teaser

Ariana Grande’s “Thank U, Next” Music Video Teaser is Mean Girls-Themed and We’re Freaking TF Out

Welp! Step aside Gretchen Wieners because Ariana Grande just made fetch happen. The teaser for her highly anticipated “Thank U, Next” music video dropped on Monday night, and since we’re huge fans, we think we can speak for all of us when we say it left us absolutely SHOOK.

In case you haven’t seen it yet (which, if you haven’t, you seriously need to get on that), the teaser is a remake and parody of the iconic “Who is Regina George?” scene from the cult classic movie, Mean Girls, and features a slew of celebrity cameos. Colleen Ballinger, Troye Sivan, and Gabi DeMartino all make appearances in the clip, as well as original Mean Girls stars, Jonathan Bennett and Stefanie Drummond. How cool is that?!

Filled with references from the 2004 flick and from Grande’s personal life, the teaser has already surpassed eight million views, and to literally no one’s surprise, the Internet is absolutely freaking out over it. Don’t believe us? Here are some of our favorite fan reactions so far:

In fact, fans are loving the teaser so much that several fans on Twitter have requested that she turns it into a full length movie. Here’s proof that we’re not lying:

Right now, the single continues to sit pretty at the Number one spot on Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart. As of right now, it’s already been in that spot for three consecutive weeks, and it’s anticipated to stay there through the release of the music video.

Grande has also hinted through a series of posts on Instagram that the music video will pull inspiration from other classic female-empowerment movies including Legally Blonde, 13 Going On 30, and Bring It On. The full video is rumored to drop later this week, and we don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see what else Queen Ari has in store for us! Until then, please join us in watching the teaser on repeat.

Featured Image: Republic Records

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