Hugh Jackman Greatest Showman 2019 Tour

Hugh Jackman Will Hit the Road in 2019 for The Greatest Showman Tour

Hold on to your peanuts and get ready for a circus, folks! After the musical The Greatest Showman arrived in theaters last December, it’s taken the world by storm. Along with the epic film, the soundtrack is nothing short of iconic, and Hugh Jackman, one of the stars of the movie, has taken full advantage of its success.

The Tony Award-winning actor has announced a worldwide arena tour, titled The Man. The Music. The Show. Sounds just like P.T. Barnum, don’t you think? Jackman will be performing a multitude of songs, ranging from The Greatest Showman, Les Misérables, and other Broadway hits. To top it all off, he’ll be accompanied by a live orchestra.

While the movie itself was a huge success, the soundtrack is what really pushed The Greatest Showman to the top. According to Rolling Stone, the soundtrack made it to the number one spot on Billboard‘s 200 chart just a few weeks after its release. Plus, it managed to become one of seven soundtracks to have kept its spot in the top 10 for over 30 weeks! According to Nielsen Music, the soundtrack has sold more than any other album in the United States this year alone. Whoa.

As for the tour, it’ll begin next year, starting in Europe and the U.K. and making its way to North America in June. Most tickets will go on sale Friday, December 7, so find your date below and purchase your tickets here!

May 13th– Hamburg, Germany

May 14th– Berlin, Germany

May 16th– Cologne, Germany

May 17th– Amsterdam, Germany

May 19th– Zurich, Switzerland

May 21st– Manheim, Germany

May 22nd– Paris, France

May 24th– Manchester, England

May 27th– Birmingham, England

May 30th– Dublin, Ireland

June 2nd– London, England

June 3rd– London, England

June 18th– Houston, TX

June 19th– Dallas, TX

June 21st– Chicago, IL

June 22nd– St. Paul, MN

June 24th– Detroit, MI

June 25th– Toronto, ON

June 27th– Boston, MA

June 28th– New York, NY

June 29th– New York, NY

June 30th– Philadelphia, PA

July 1st– Washington D.C.

July 3rd– Atlanta, GA

July 5th– Tampa, FL

July 6th– Sunrise, FL

July 10th– Denver, CO

July 11th– Salt Lake City, UT

July 13th– Las Vegas, NV

July 14th– Glendale, AZ

July 16th– San Diego, CA

July 17th– San Jose, CA

July 19th– Los Angeles, CA

July 20th– Los Angeles, CA

Featured Image: 20th Century Fox

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