Taylor Swift Reputation Tour Breaks Record

Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour Becomes Highest Grossing U.S. Tour

Taylor Swift and her Reputation Stadium Tour have broken yet another record this week. The tour officially became the highest grossing U.S. Tour since Billboard began tracking touring data back in 1990. Swift took the record from The Rolling Stones, whose then-record was a $245 million gross over the course of 70 American shows from their A Bigger Banger Tour in 2005 through 2007. While it took the Stones 70 shows to break the record, Swift was able to break it in 38. Say whaaat?!

Domestically, the Reputation Stadium Tour grossed $266.1 million and sold 2,068,399 tickets. Swift also broke her own previous record of the highest grossing tour from a female artist with the 1989 World Tour, which grossed 181.5 million in August of 2015. The Reputation Stadium Tour ran domestically from May 8 through October 6.


While every stop of the tour was sold out, the most successful nights were the three consecutive shows from July 20-22 at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Over those three days, Swift grossed $22 million and sold 165,654 tickets. Interestingly, those dates during the 1989 World Tour were also the most successful. Swift played two shows at Metlife Stadium during the 1989 World Tour and grossed $13.4 million and sold 110,015 tickets respectively. Metlife Stadium has a capacity of 82,500.

Taylor’s tours have progressively gotten more successful than the last. For example, her Speak Now World Tour, which was her first world tour, grossed $88.5 million. Following the Speak Now World Tour was the Red Tour, which saw Tay slowly expanding from arenas into stadiums (The Red Tour featured some stadiums while the 1989 World Tour was only played in stadiums). Taylor played her first shows at Metlife Stadium during The Red Tour, which grossed $98 million. The leap from The Red Tour to the 1989 World Tour was unprecedented; the 1989 World Tour gross was nearly double that of the Red Tour, $181.5 million, which was an 85 percent increase from The Red Tour. Now, with the Reputation Stadium Tour, Swift’s gross jumped another 47 percent to the now record-breaking total of $266.1 million.

The pop star’s average gross-per-show was $7 million on the Reputation Stadium Tour. On average, she was selling 54,432-tickets per show in 2018.

Obviously, Swift’s reign isn’t slowing down anytime soon. In fact, she’s already hinted that her seventh album is in the works! We can only imagine how epic that tour is going to be, seeing at the Rep Tour broke records. Hey! Maybe next time she’ll beat her own!

Featured Image: Anna Glinski

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