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5SOS Releases Fresh Version of “Lie To Me” Featuring Julia Michaels

5 Seconds of Summer seem to love surprising their fans, so last week, the band dropped not only a live album recorded from their most recent tour, Meet You There, but another version of their song “Lie To Me,” which features the amazing Julia Michaels.

Set to be the fourth single off the band’s third studio album, this sad song about a lost love is already making headlines and playlists. Somehow, the track got even more heartbreaking as the new version includes both sides of the failed relationship.

Julia takes over in the second verse of the song, adding a twist of her own. She changes the lyrics to another perspective entirely by singing words like, “I know that you’ve been holding on to someone else // And now I can’t sleep” and “I was done but you undid me // Classic me to run when it feels right.”

That’s not all, though! Michaels can also be heard later on in the chorus changing the band’s line from “While I’m cleaning up your mess // I know he’s taking off your dress” to “While he’s taking off my dress // I know she’s laying on your chest.” Brilliant!

Of course, fans are loving the collaboration of the artists, and several even took to Twitter to share their feelings about this new version.

Also, fans can’t wait for the music video to be released, especially because the band teased about a video for the new single in April and June.


Listen to the new spin on the track HERE:

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