Cardi B Money Music Video Review

Cardi B Releases New NSFW Video for “Money”

Cardi B is back at it and shows just how much of a bad b*tch she is with her new music video for her track “Money.” This video is the first since the release of Invasion of Privacy, and Cardi shows she isn’t playing around.

The video is full of Cardi dressed in gold, shooting money out of a money gun as well as Cardi portrayed as a work of art in a museum full of some of her most iconic looks. Changing up the flow of the video for a moment of tranquility, director Jora Frantzis has Cardi seemingly naked sitting at a white piano before cutting back to strippers and, most importantly, money.


Since its release, the video has sparked up some controversy for a few of the scenes it features. Full of NSFW material, the video features plenty of strippers, including Cardi herself dominating the pole, topless women and Cardi breastfeeding her baby Kulture.

Cardi B made sure to finish her 2018 off with a bang with this blinged out music video, and it was definitely a big hit with fans!

Watch the music video for “Money” below! *NSFW*

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