Surviving R Kelly Celebrity Reactions

Celebrity Reactions to ‘Surviving R. Kelly’: John Legend, JoJo, Kerry Washington & More

Lifetime’s 6-part Surviving R. Kelly docuseries detailing the R&B singer’s decades of alleged abuse finished airing on Sunday night, and people have opinions — lots of ’em. In fact, several celebrities took to social media recently to share their reactions to the documentary.

John Legend, one of the few musicians willing to appear on camera in the series, redirected the praise about his bravery toward the survivors.

His proud wife, Chrissy Teigen, did the same.

Kerry Washington expressed gratitude that the series was “speaking truth to power.”

Jada Pinkett Smith looked for fans to share insight as to why sales of R. Kelly’s music had spiked around the airing of the doc.

Omarion announced that B2K would be retiring all songs written by R. Kelly after their reunion tour.

JoJo thanked her mom for protecting her from R. Kelly and other predatory men when she was a young pop star.

6lack started 2019 off angry at R. Kelly.

Fellow R&B singer Ne-Yo declared that music “is not more important than our children.”

<strong>Kathy Griffin</strong> thanked producer <strong>Dream Hampton for making <em>Surviving R. Kelly</em> and then suggested more white people weren't speaking up about R. Kelly because they were afraid to look racist.

Not everyone directed their anger toward R. Kelly himself, however. SNL‘s Leslie Jones expressed sadness toward what happened to the girls, but ultimately blamed the grown-ups.

Master P also blamed the girls’ parents.

Clearly, people have been doing a lot of thinking about the docuseries. Still, the one thing we should all agree on is that sexual abuse and any type of abuse is never okay under any circumstances.

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