BigHit Entertainment Announces New Boy Group TXT

Looking for a new artist to check out? Well, BigHit has you covered! The entertainment agency behind the K-pop supergroup BTS has announced that a new boy group will be debuting under the company.

On January 10, BigHit posted a cryptic image with the caption, “What do you do? What do you see?” A link was included in the post, leading to a countdown page on the company’s official website. On the site, a ticking clock plays in the background and there is text that reads “You and I, different but together.”

Then, at midnight on January 11 KST, the official announcement was made that BigHit’s newest boy group is named TXT. The name stands for “Tomorrow X Together.” The agency also introduced TXT member Yeonjun through press photos and a short introduction video showing him having fun in an arcade. The video ends with morse code for the word “Dreaming.” So far, BigHit has revealed that Yeonjun is 19 (international age), is the oldest member of the group, and is a fantastic dancer.

In a statement to Naver, BigHit described TXT as a “bright and healthy idol group that displays a synergy of youth.”

The news is being met by widespread coverage and excited reactions from K-pop fans. TXT’s debut marks an exciting new chapter for the agency as they are the first group to debut from the company since BTS back in 2013.

The excitement is not over yet! Since his reveal, Yeonjun’s photo is now on the group’s official website, and another countdown clock sits next to him for the next member reveal. The site does not show how many more members there will be in TXT, so fans are going to have to wait a few more days until they get to meet all of the members. How cool is that?!

Featured Image: Twitter (@BigHitEnt)