Kane Brown Joins Khalid on Saturday Night Remix

Khalid Teams Up with Country Star Kane Brown for “Saturday Nights” Remix

Last year, Khalid graced us all with his amazing Suncity</em> EP, but the surprises aren’t over. The 20-year-old surprised us all again by dropping a special remix of his song “Saturday Nights,” which features one of our favorite country artists, Kane Brown. TBH, the remix is everything we never knew we needed.

If you haven’t yet listened, you simply need to get on that! The combination of Khalid’s R&B sound with Kane’s country voice creates such a beautiful blend and makes us love this song even more then we did the first time around.

Kane jumps in on the second verse of the track with some new lyrics that differ from the original version.

He sings, “Saturday Nights, your work shoes are stilettos // Smell of cheap perfume // Makeup on your face, try to hide the pain // All the lies that look like the truth”.

The verse goes on and tells a story of a girl who lacks confidence and and wants to feel loved, which was the perfect addition that really tied the song together in a way we never would’ve expected.

Khalid jumps back in the track at the end of the second verse and joins forces with Kane during the chorus. Their voices harmonize so well together for the duration of the song that it’s almost hard to believe this isn’t the original! Despite being so very different from each other as artists, their combined styles work amazingly together and their voices complement each other to the point where it sounds angelic.

Overall, we’re loving this collaboration between these two amazing artists and we’re really hoping that they come together for another collab in the future. Check out the song below and let us know what you think! Would you like to see these two work together again? Say yes! Say yes!

Featured Image: RCA/ Columbia Records

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