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Gnash Wears His Heart on His Sleeve on Debut Album We

After a long wait, gnash has finally released his highly-anticipated debut album, we. The 13-track LP includes his more well-known songs, such as “i hate you, i love you” featuring Olivia O’Brien and his staple single “the broken hearts club,” and, of course, he introduces new tracks like “insane,” “pajamas,” and “wait” to his fans.

His acoustic, lighthearted style goes hand-in-hand with the entire aesthetic of the album. The pastel flowers in the cover art is a perfect visual for the sound of his music. The album tells realistic stories about love, heartache, relationships, breakups, and insecurity, but at the same time, gnash keeps an uplifting delivery.


In the record’s fifth song we, “insane,” gnash sings about, you guessed it, feeling like he’s going insane. He sings “I’ve asked my friends and fam, they all say I’m to blame // I’ve spent all this time pretending I’m okay // Well, I’m not okay // Today might be the day I go insane.” While the topic of the song is heavy, gnash manages to keep the song light with his accompanying acoustics. The song discusses mental health, which is often a difficult topic to cover, but its mellow production makes it easier to digest.

we was definitely worth the wait, and luckily, you don’t have to wait to see gnash live. He began The Broken Hearts Club tour on January 8 in Santa Ana, CA, and he’ll be on the road until February 8, where he’ll complete the tour in LA. If you like relatable, uplifting music, you’ll love gnash. As he says in “feel better,” “if we feel together, we’ll feel better.” Here’s where he’ll be playing this next month:

Jan 8 – Santa Ana, CA
Jan 9 – Phoenix, AZ
Jan 11 – Austin, TX
Jan 12 – Dallas, TX
Jan 13 – Houston, TX
Jan 15 – Orlando, FL
1/16 – Atlanta, GA
Jan 7 – Nashville, TN
Jan 19 – Washington, DC
Jan 20 – Philadelphia, PA
Jan 22 – New York, NY
Jan 23 – Boston, MA
Jan 24 – Toronto, ON
Jan 26 – Chicago, IL
Jan 27 – Milwaukee, WI
Jan 28 – Kansas City, MO
Jan 30 – Denver, CO
Feb 3 – Vancouver, BC
Feb 4 – Seattle, WA
Feb 5 – Portland, OR
Feb 7 – San Francisco, CA
Feb 8 – Los Angeles, CA

Featured Image: Instagram (@gnash)

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