Jesse McCartney Wasted Music Video

Jesse McCartney’s “Wasted” Music Video Parodies Daytime Soap Operas

Jesse McCartney is back with a music video for his latest single, “Wasted,” which was released back in September 2018. He decided to poke a bit of fun at his past—if you didn’t know, McCartney starred in soap operas back in the early 2000s—by making his music video into a mini-series called The Young & The Wasted”. All My Children and Summerlandare the two main soap opera shows that he acted on almost two decades ago.

Jesse’s girlfriend of over five years, Katie Peterson, is featured as the love interest in the video sporting a brunette wig and a neon pink jumpsuit. Jesse plays four different characters in the video. Our personal favorite character he played was a drunk mother figure with red lipstick and a drink always on hand. His other characters were Ricky Moonstruck—your typical good guy, Brock Donahue—a leather jacket and bandanna-wearing tough boy, to Chamberlain—an older businessman with a large feather quill.


The end of the video cuts to McCartney himself sitting and watching the daytime soap opera he just starred in as he mocks himself by saying, “Soap operas never make sense.”

Jesse just kicked off his headlining tour, the Resolution tour, in Dallas last Friday, January 11. We’re hoping with this new single AND music video release comes an album announcement! Come July, it’ll be four years since his previous album, In Technicolor, so fingers crossed!

You can watch his new “Wasted” music video here:

Featured Image: Hollywood Records

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