Beyoncé and Jay-Z Are Launching a Contest to Win You Concert Tickets for Life

Beyonce fans rejoice! Queen Bey and Jay-Z are offering a chance to win concert tickets for life. That is, if you adopt a vegan diet.

The “Formation” singer announced “The Greenprint Project” on Instagram at the end of January. Fans can visit to select their plan. After selecting a plan, they can enter their name and email address for a chance to win concert tickets for life.

Fans can choose several different meal plans to follow: All Plant-Based, Plant-Based For Breakfast, Plant-Based For Work, Two Plant-Based Meals A Day, Meatless Mondays, and Plant Based on Week Days.

As explained on the website, eating vegan can have a monumental environmental impact. According to the website, “By eating 50 plant-based meals [you] could save the equivalent amount of water needed to fill 1,338 pitchers of water for a family in India.”

This isn’t the first time the power-couple has advocated for veganism. The two superstars co-authored an introduction to The Greenprint: Plant-Based Diet, Best Body, Better World by Marco Borges.

“Having children has changed our lives more than anything else,” Beyonce and Jay-Z wrote in the introduction. “We used to think of health as a diet — some worked for us, some didn’t. Once we looked at health as the truth, instead of a diet, it became a mission for us to share that truth and lifestyle with as many people as possible.”

Find out more about the contest here:

Well, what do you think? Would you go vegan for a chance to win Beyoncé and Jay-Z tickets for life? Let us know in the comments section below, or on Twitter @soundigest.

Featured Image: Instagram (@beyonce)