BTS’ V Takes a Snapshot of the Past in “Scenery”

BTS member V has released the present he promised to fans. “Scenery” was uploaded to BTS’ Soundcloud page on January 30. V wrote the lyrics, composed the track, and even took the cover photo for the single.

The song itself brings in another passion of V’s: photography. V often shares photos he’s taken through the group’s Twitter account and has expressed his love for the craft as well as his favorite photographers.

V sings of saving the memories he has of someone through photos he’s taken. The track includes audio clips of a camera shutter going off and begins with windy background noise. We feel like we’re at the seaside hearing the wind and bell chime. The relaxing mood continues with the introduction of the piano melody, both soft and serene. V’s voice has a natural softness and richness to it, and it works for a track like this. It’s natural and airy, enhancing the moment the song is creating.

Ballads can very easily be overdone. Whether it’s the vocals or the arrangement, one often overpowers the other. “Scenery,” however, has a good balance. Given the deepness of his voice, V could have fallen into a more forceful delivery, but he keeps a nice airiness that still commands a listener’s attention. The arrangement is beautiful in its simplicity, with the piano taking the lead and the strings staying relatively quiet until the very end. We enjoyed the audio clips of the wind and camera shutter. Adding touches like that pull us deeper into the world the artist has created for the song.

“Scenery” shows V’s ability for writing moving ballads. He knows how to fit the pieces together in a way that no one part is overwhelmed. Overall, it is well-written, well arranged, and most importantly, moving.

Featured Image: Twitter (@BTS_twt)