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Khalid and Disclosure Get Real About Dating Culture on “Talk”

Well, you guys! 2019 is certainly keeping us on our toes when it comes to hot collabs. The latest and greatest comes from none other than Khalid and Disclosure. Their collaborative single “Talk” was released on February 8th. It’s soulful and honest, yet extremely catchy. For those of you who don’t know, Khalid just turned 21 and the brothers, Howard and Guy, who make up Disclosure, are not much older. It’s truly inspiring to see such young artists getting so much well-deserved attention.

Khalid and Disclosure references the current dating game in “Talk.” The song speaks to a culture where we often don’t talk about our feelings. There’s a lot of sincerity to the lyrics, as Khalid sings about how important it is to be honest in this relationship, especially considering his feelings are so strong. The reality of “Talk” hits hard. Khalid’s words are sure to get listeners thinking about their own life experiences.

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Musically, Disclosure provides some catchy beats to the song. “Talk” is a smooth R&B track, but it also provides some fun backing instrumentals. The track truly comes off as a perfect blend of Khalid and Disclosure’s signature sounds. It’s the ideal song for a late night drive, and it has great repeat value. Through every listen you can find a new sound or lyric to connect with, and thats one of the many reasons we love it so much.

We hope “Talk” is a good indicator that Disclosure will release more music in 2019, especially considering it’s been nearly four years since their last album. As for Khalid, he’s been on a hot streak with two successful albums in a row. He’s also been collaborating with a bunch of great artists, and “Talk” is definitely another hit. Check out the song below and keep your eyes peeled for more powerful collabs from these young artists who are currently slaying the music industry.

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