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AJR Releases Single “100 Bad Days” With Video of How It Was Made

Brothers Adam, Jack, and Ryan Met of AJR have been writing and producing music together since they were pre-teens back in 2005! They’re an indie pop band from New York that focuses most of their music around electronic sounds and gorgeous harmonies. Their sound can be compared to groups like Fun and Fitz and The Tantrums.

The trio released their first single of the new year, “100 Bad Days,” which is one of their most relatable songs to date. The single speaks about not being scared of the bad days; instead, they encourage embracing them and turning them into good ones. Most of their songs revolved around their experiences going to college parties, meeting girls, getting in trouble, etc. It’s refreshing to see them speak about not only the good times but the bad ones as well.

AJR posted the video below to their Instagram, showing how the single was made at their studio in New York! Ryan does a walkthrough of the production of the song and explains how it goes from being a voice recording on a phone to being fully produced.

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What makes this single so catchy and unique is the instruments and their vocals! Name any other current pop bands that have a trumpet in almost every one of their songs. We’re guessing you probably can’t. They also did a teaser of the 1950s-like choir that they produced by overlapping voices in their own secret way.

One awesome thing about AJR is that they’re one of the only independent pop artists that are succeeding and have a strong fan base. We can’t wait for their next album… and speaking of the next album, hopefully we’ll be hearing it soon! The band teased fans on twitter by tweeting this about the album release date:


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