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Marina Finds Beauty in Nature in Revealing New Single “Handmade Heaven”

It’s been four years since Marina Diamandis has blessed the music world with her presence. Since then, she’s travelled far and wide, rediscovering herself in the midst of her early thirties. Now she goes by just Marina—she axed the enigmatic “Diamonds” from her stage name—and she seems to be thriving.

Since the release of her third album Froot, which was a burst of rainbow love and reclaiming one’s worth, Marina is back and better than ever. “Handmade Heaven” is heartbreaking but beautiful. Marina discovers nature’s vitality despite her hardships.

Marina clarified the significance behind the track on Twitter, revealing she wrote it during a time in her life where she felt especially lost. She sought a comfort in her very own imagined paradise.

“Handmade Heaven” is a song for the emotionally reeling souls searching for a purpose. Marina perfectly touches on the subject of dealing with an overwhelming amount of anxiety especially in today’s society that’s chockfull of social pressures.

As the second single from her forthcoming LP, it sets the tone as a strong comeback for the elegant pop star. It lifts you up, sets you sailing through the clouds, and takes you on a ride of utter nostalgia. Just as the title says, “Handmade Heaven” is truly heaven-like—you’re floating with the angels admiring the sweetest of nature.

Marina is maintaining a grace only a musician of her level can achieve. With her upcoming album and some festival appearances swiftly coming up, she’s set to have a prosperous year. Watch the music video for “Handmade Heaven” here:

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