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Vera Blue Collaborates with Greenpeace in New Single and Music Video

Indie Pop queen Vera Blue is back this week with her moving single “Like I Remember You.” The former Australian Voice winner worked in collaboration with Greenpeace for their People vs. Oil campaign. The new campaign brings together the power of music and the need to protect Australia’s Southern Ocean.

Currently plagued by oil spills, Vera Blue easily created the new track while in a session with Julia Stone, Andy and Thom Mak. The singer said, “Once the song was finished and we started working on this collaboration with Greenpeace, it seemed like the perfect fit.”


The alt-indie track sees Vera Blue’s folky feminine voice floating over a heavier electronic beat. The vibe fits together perfectly to create what sounds like a heart-wrenching ballad between two people. The track fits well with the message of saving the environment. “Do you remember me like I remember you,” the singer questions in the chorus. Though this track works well in the context of a relationship, it relates to the environment as well. Will we remember it how it was once it’s destroyed? On Instagram, the singer remarks that she’s lending her voice to the campaign to “stop oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight, for the love of our oceans.”


The new single pairs with a music video depicting images of Vera Blue singing in the hull of the ship “Rainbow Warrior,” while clips of the vibrant ocean and firey oil spills fill out the rest of the project. Not only is the single a dreamy listen, it shows an artist using her platform for a great cause. After successful summer hits, it’s great to see Vera Blue back and stronger than ever. Check out the music video here, and make sure to check out Greenpeace as well!

Featured Image: Island Records Australia

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