Why Don’t We’s “Cold In LA” Is the Romantic Surprise Fans Needed

OMG, you guys! Why Don’t We is back with yet another single, and it was a great Valentine’s Day gift because who needs a boyfriend to give you chocolates when you have a boy band that gives you amazing music instead? The song dropped the night before V-Day and it’s the cute upbeat love song we all needed.

“Cold In LA” is the second single the group has dropped so far this year, after dropping “Big Plans” last month. The boys’ harmonies blend together perfectly on this song, making it ideal for anyone who was trying to get in the Valentine’s Day spirit on February 14.

Unlike many of their other songs, this one was released suddenly, with the the band teasing it from their Twitter account the day before. The tease was a voice memo from Why Don’t We member Daniel Seavey‘s phone. The recording was from when the song was being written back in October.

In the new single, Why Don’t We beg their love to stay with them, as member Jonah Marais sings in the chorus, “Don’t walk away // Cause it’s cold in LA // Every time that you leave me behind.”

The band describes the feeling of being with that person as warmth, cleverly comparing their emotions to the warm temperatures that Los Angeles is known for. That said, being away from that particular person leaves them feeling cold and empty, and honestly, we’ve all been there.

The bridge also implies that the relationship was also not planned, with Zach Herron singing, “Yeah we started with a good night // Then it turned to day //Never thought that we would // Ever say the things we say // To each other but we’re // Here, just starin’ face to face // Why don’t you just stay with me?”

Well, it’s yet another new sound and vibe from Why Don’t We’s past releases, and it’s also a bit more personal since Jonah wrote the song from his own experiences.

The band’s new sound is definitely more mature than what we’ve gotten from them in the past, and we don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to hear what else they’ve been working on.

Along with the release of “Cold In LA,” the band dropped a music video and limited edition merch with the design concept from Jonah Marais’ palm tree tattoo (which also inspired the cover art). You can check out the music video below, and if you haven’t already, get tickets for their upcoming 8 Letters Tour HERE because they’re selling out fast.

Featured Image: Atlantic Records