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Rex Orange County Is Back With Soft R&B Tune “New House”

Everyone’s favorite R&B, lo-fi indie artist Rex Orange County has finally blessed us with a new track this week. “New House” blends all of the soft brass lines and electronic drums we expect from British musician Alex O’Connor. Following the hit “Loving is Easy,” “New House” feels like the sequel. It illustrates the point in a relationship where the love just starts fading away. O’Connor sums up the feeling well throughout this track.

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The flow of the track includes sappy strings, sweet horns and a tinkling piano. All of this covers up the real emotions he’s singing about—how he’s feeling creatively stifled, but still excited for the future. These feelings of being stuck but ready for more are something that a lot of young people can relate to today. Whether or not you’re ready to make the next step in a relationship, these emotions are real. And it’s refreshing to see it written so honestly in this song. Musically, the track has a great contrast between its instrumentation and lyricism. It keeps you nodding along to the story he tells, which is the “Sunflower” singer’s strong suit as he continuously uses his strong rhythmic lyrics to truly say what’s on his mind.


“New House” is the first original track from Rex Orange County since October 2017. With the release, he shared a sweet Valentine’s Day note with fans. “I want to say thank you to everyone that is here for the now and to those who are still here from before,” he said. “Life is good. I’m happier than I was for the majority of last year.” It’s refreshing to see an artist grow personally and see it reflected in their work.

We’re happy to see Rex Orange County happy and can’t wait to see what else is in store. Check out the new single below!

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