ALMA 'Summer' Review

ALMA Compares Relationship Struggles to Seasonal Depression on New Single “Summer”

New music alert! Finnish singer-songwriter ALMA just released her brand new single “Summer,” which marks her third single from upcoming album Have You Seen Her? This new song does a phenomenal job showing off her emo, electro-pop aesthetic. ALMA herself is someone you don’t cross paths with very often in the music industry. The 23-year-old singer creates a striking image for herself with her neon green hair and gothic wardrobe, showing that she does not conform to the societal pressures of traditional beauty. ALMA’s message is clear that she will express herself in any way she feels.

“Summer” itself is a very simple song that feels very pure based on first impression. The singer opens up to her fans about her romantic regrets and feeling like a nomad. During her darkest days of loneliness, she begs her lover to stay with her and admits that although she’s “been a piece of sh*t lover,” she promises, “I’ve got my heart to show ya.”

ALMA addresses the season of summer as a metaphor for the future. She reassures her love interest that if they choose to stay with her, their future will be bright and lively together. This analogy goes hand-in-hand with the common feelings of winter depression. In the midst of cold, dark days, ALMA looks forward to the summertime where she is promised warmth, light and freedom.

ALMA explained how she began the creative process of writing “Summer.”

“Every winter lots of people get depressed because of the cold and the darkness — it’s called seasonal affective disorder or winter depression,” she said. “Lots of Finnish people have this. I wrote this song in LA — it was my first day there and I was jet-lagged, but I remember I was still feeling alive and just happy, probably because of the sun! My relationship wasn’t doing great at that time. I was stressed and depressed, so I wrote this song to my girlfriend… I think we’re all better humans in the summertime!”


ALMA will be going on her very own headlining European tour next month! Tickets are on sale now and are available here. In the meantime, be sure to show ALMA some love and stream “Summer” all winter long! You can catch the music video for the song HERE:

Featured Image: PME Records/Universal Music Group

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