10 Best Shawn Mendes Covers to Ever Happen

We all know the story of how Shawn Mendes skyrocketed to superstardom. The Canadian heartthrob climbed the ranks in an incredibly millennial way: with amazing covers of popular songs on social media. His very first YouTube upload was a rendition of Adele’s “Hometown Glory” alongside a childhood friend in 2012. Despite his current illustrious career loaded with chart-topping hits (and drool-worthy photo shoots), the “In My Blood” crooner hasn’t forgotten his roots and continues to bless us with unique versions of our favorite tunes. Here are 10 of the best Shawn Mendes covers to ever happen.

“Counting Stars” by OneRepublic

The babyface, the black-and-white dramatics and the polo shirt! Everything about this video is absolutely adorable, but the real superstar is Shawn’s impressive teenage vocal range.

“Summertime Sadness” by Lana Del Rey

We were all obsessed with aesthetic expert Lana Del Rey at some point in our lives, which makes this cover just a little more satisfying than it already was.

“Here” by Alessia Cara

Oh, how serendipitous it is that Alessia Cara rose to fame in the same way that Shawn did. To top it off, the “Mercy” singer has always been a fan of his fellow Canadian, and the two are even going on tour together! Basically, everything regarding this cover is special (and even left the musician breathless by the 2:30 mark).

“Drag Me Down” by One Direction

R.I.P. to the glory days when the phrase “new One Direction song” was a real thing.

“Fake Love” by Drake

No disrespect to Drake whatsoever, but we would place this rendition of “Fake Love” in the admirable “Better Than The Original” category.

“Under Pressure” feat. Teddy Geiger by Queen and David Bowie

It takes guts to cover a Queen song. Even more impressive? A Queen song that features David Bowie. “Under Pressure” is a challenging classic that Mendes and Teddy Geiger nailed stunningly. Case in point: that high note at the 2:20 mark. Sheesh.

“Psycho” by Post Malone

BBC’s Radio 1 Live Lounge really is the gift that keeps on giving. This session gave us the “Lost in Japan” singer’s rendition of Post Malone‘s original “ugly girl” lyric to “every girl” like the angel he is. What more could you possibly ask for?

“One Dance/Marvin’s Room” by Drake

You can pretend the passion in this performance didn’t make you shed a tear or two. No worries. Also, can someone create a petition for Shawn Mendes to cover every Drake song ever?

“Thinkin’ Bout You” by Frank Ocean

The “Stitches” hitmaker playing the piano instead of his go-to acoustic guitar? Sign us up.

“Hound Dog” by Elvis Presley

Nothing screams versatility like holding your own at an All-Star Tribute to the King of Rock and Roll in 2019. Keep killin’ it, Shawn.

Featured Image: Disney ABC Television Group

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