Jonas Brothers Reunion Fan Reactions

The Jonas Brothers Reunion Has Fans Freaking Out on Twitter

Send out an SOS! The Jonas Brothers are finally back, and the Internet is going wild! On March 1, Nick, Joe, and Kevin released “Sucker,” their first song in nearly six years. After a few years of side projects, weddings, and kids, the New Jersey brothers finally got the band back together. Now, every Jonas Brothers fan has come out of the weeds and is jumping right back into stanning the original JB.

It has been hard to avoid all the Jo Bros content all over the Internet, but we’re definitely not complaining about it. Twitter has seen everything from stories of old concerts to the never-ending debate of which brother is the favorite. Here are some of our favorite fan reactions.

I think this is how we all feel about the reunion:

Although Frankie Jonas (The Bonus Jonas) might be a little upset:

Others are hoping the Jonas Brothers encourage other bands to get back together:

We literally cannot escape the Jo Bro content:

Even if you moved on to other music in the last five years, you can’t forget your past:

Are you team Nick?

Team Kevin?

Or Team Joe?

We might be a little sad that none of the boys have picked us:

Either way, we will never stop talking about our favorite brothers being back in action:

See you at the reunion tour!!

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