Dillon Francis & TV Noise Switch It Up With Unconventional New Single “EDM O’CLOCK”

According to Dillon Francis and TV Noise, it’s officially EDM o’clock, and if you “wanna hear some music,” then they have just the song for you.

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It’s edm o’ clock tomorrow

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Everyone’s favorite funny man, electronic musician and producer joined forces with the Dutch DJ duo to release a funky new single on Martin Garrix‘s STMPD RCRDS titled “EDM O’CLOCK.” The bass-heavy track changes every four bars, keeping listeners on the tips of their shuffling toes, and it’s accompanied by a hilariously entertaining music video that perfectly embodies the chaos of the beat.

“I’ve had this idea for a long time where the drop of a song changes every 4 bars to something new,” reads a post on Francis’ Instagram page. “I told the TV Noise guys this idea and we ran with it. I was yelling on the mic all day and we wound up making a song that makes fun of people who make fun of dance music and all drops in dance music right now…”

The whole collaboration is just a two-minute long trip, but there’s no denying how much you’ll wish for it to never end. The first half shows off TV’s signature progressive and Dutch electro house sound, while the second half drops into a heavier trap sound. And, since it wouldn’t be a true Dillon Francis tune without a little moombahton, you can expect to hear some light little bits sprinkled throughout.

Listen to “EDM O’CLOCK” below, and let us know what you think in the comments or by tweeting at us @soundigest.

Featured Image: Instagram (@dillonfrancis)