Hozier’s Sophomore Album “Wasteland, Baby!” Mixes His Classic Sound With New Pop Elements

Powerful, moving and beautiful are the three words that come to mind when we think of Hozier‘s new album. The Irish singer-songwriter has officially made his return with his sophomore full-length LP, “Wasteland, Baby!”

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s that this new release is an album you need to sit down and listen to in one sitting. The 28-year-old takes you on a journey from the powerhouse opening track “Nina Cried Power,” all the way to the soft title track at the end. Hozier made this album his own, including many of his staple sounds and styles. All the while, he’s managed to incorporate different genres and sounds to make the whole work more sonically cohesive.

The new album is a 14-track collection, which includes many classic Hozier elements. Church choirs, heavy acoustic guitars and catchy yet lofty lyrics are among what you’ll find. He even includes more pop-oriented production in tracks like “Almost (Sweet Music).”

The record sees Hozier grappling with mortality and creating what he calls “an absurd love song that’s about the world ending in no metaphorical way.” With the state of the world the way that it is, it’s hard to escape the absurdity that is all around us. He wraps up political tension, climate change and global calamities into beautiful little packages throughout this record.

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Wasteland, Baby!

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On bluesy track “No Plan,” Hozier croons “When it sings so sweet//The screaming, heaving, f–kery of the world?” calling out the nonsense he sees around him. The rest of the track is about having no plan in such a messed up place, rather just existing in it and taking in the light as you can. These dark ideas are masked by catchy riffs and melodies, just as “Take Me to Church” went over most people’s heads. But you can probably hum the melody, right? Hozier is creating art through the dark that he sees in the world.

From beginning to end, the “Work Song” crooner blends modern production with blues and folk elements. It’s an album that old fans will love and new listeners will get sucked into. The album shows off his musical growth and is something that’s worth a deep listen. Check out the album HERE: