The Black Keys 'Lo/Hi' Review

The Black Keys Make a Strong Return With “Lo/Hi,” Their First Single in 5 Years

Finally! The Black Keys have come out of hiding after what’s been a long 5 years. On March 7, the band from Akron, Ohio dropped music for the first time since 2014’s Turn Blue. “Lo/Hi” is the name of the single and it truly does not disappoint. Similar to Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney‘s previous tracks, “Lo/Hi” brings bluesy guitars and strong drums. The wait was worth it because 2019 is looking like The Black Keys’ year.

Lyrically, “Lo/Hi” is an emotional piece. With lines like “Nobody to love you//nobody to care,” we feel Dan’s truthful, sultry words sink in. The Black Keys have a knack for hitting listeners where it hurts, but they still manage to keep the vibe uplifting. They also feature a group of female backup singers, making it impossible not to want to join in at the chorus.

Musically, “Lo/Hi” fits right in with classic Black Keys songs. Longtime listeners will love Dan’s funky guitar riffs and Patrick’s strong and steady drumbeat. The duo even throws in some fun guitar effects, bringing forth their garage rock roots. As always, the track is produced excellently with a blend of smooth and artfully recorded raw sounds. All of these elements show the group is keeping the sounds of the ’60s alive and ushering them into a brand new era.

We are excited to have The Black Keys back. Although Patrick and Dan have been busy with side projects and families, they returned just as strong as ever. Hopefully “Lo/Hi” will lead to a new full-length album and possibly a tour. Even when the duo moves in more experimental directions, they are consistently cranking out chart-topping rock songs. We can’t wait to see what else they give us in 2019! And if you don’t already have “Lo/Hi” on repeat, check it out HERE:

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