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Up-and-Coming Band OBB Talks New Music Video, Musical Inspirations and More

Following their 2018 EP, Is This a Thing, OBB has seen their music featured on Radio Disney, commercials and YouTube series! Releasing their new single last month, the band is ready for the busy year ahead!

Thank you guys for talking to us! You just released your newest single, “7 Billion,” earlier this month. How does it feel to have something new out?

It’s great! We have been working on this music for quite a while, and it’s so exciting to finally be putting out new music.

And for all those that are just hearing about you for the first time, what does OBB stand for?

OBB stands for “Oswald Brothers Band”. We are family, and we felt that calling ourselves OBB would just flow better. Our parents got us interested in music pretty early on. They love music and insisted we all learn piano. From piano we all ventured off into other instruments.


Does it ever get difficult having to work with your siblings all the time?

Not really. It’s actually fun because you know just how hard you can push before really getting in trouble. Of course, having a family business means every family get-together turns into a band meeting. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to do it any other way.

Who would you all say is your biggest musical inspiration?

There are many. Starting out, it was bands like The Police, Michael Jackson and Billy Joel. Today, we are also inspired by Shawn Mendes, Coldplay, and DNCE.

Your 2018 EP, Is This a Thing, received over 3 million streams on Spotify! What does it feel like to know people are responding well and loving your music?

We are so excited that our music is resonating with people so well. We write songs about things happening in our lives. We try and stay as genuine as possible, and we’re sure other people are going through similar type of stuff.

How can you say this new single has differed from your earlier tracks?

“7 Billion” is a progression of our lives and our growing up in this industry. We were very young when we started and as we have grown up and matured, hopefully, our music has, too.


Can you describe your writing process for us? What does the typical day in the “office” look like?

Most writing sessions happen the same way. We prefer to start off with building a great track. Then, we write lyrics to that track. Normally, we write with another writer or two. We found that it was hard as brothers to write totally by ourselves—we needed a tiebreaker.

The music video for “7 Billion” already has over 120,000 views. What was your inspiration behind this song and its visuals?

The inspiration behind “7 Billion” is we wanted to write a love song. Zach came to the writing session and said he had an idea for a song. He wanted us to write about how out of all the people in the world, isn’t it amazing that you can find that one person that gets you—quirks and all. He also had a musical hook he thought could be cool and we got to work.

What can fans look forward to this year?

Fans can definitely look forward to a lot more music this year. We have been in the studio working hard, and we are so excited about what this year will bring.

Check out the video for “7 Billion” below! Let us know what you think in the comments or tweet us @soundigest!

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