Catfish and the Bottlemen '2All' Review

Catfish and the Bottlemen Drop Sentimental Single “2all” Ahead of Third Album, The Balance

2019 is the year of Catfish and the Bottlemen. The UK-based band just dropped their third single from their upcoming album, The Balance, on March 19. “2all” is a sentimental track. However, it packs in the powerful instrumentals we love from Catfish. After their previous two singles this year, the quartet is receiving endless praise and radio play. With tour dates all over the world, “2all” is just bringing even more Catfish and the Bottlemen hype.

Lyrically, “2all” is for the fans. Van McCann sings about people giving all their love to the ones who’ve stuck around. It’s a sweet sentiment. As many of their songs do, the lyrics are relatable to most anyone. There are so many people out there messing with our heads, but we always have those who’ve stuck around to fall back on.

Musically, “2all” has a soft start, a booming chorus, and it even has a strong guitar solo. Van, Benji, Bob and Johnny have a knack for creating catchy hooks and riffs. “2all” sounds more polished and produced than previous Catfish and the Bottlemen tracks. However, there are still scratchy guitars that bring out the band’s classic sound. The UK boys manage to provide a touch of American style to their UK music. This provides them with a nice rock blend reminiscent of The Strokes and the Arctic Monkeys.

The Balance is sure to be a hit of an album for Catfish and the Bottlemen when it comes out on April 26. “2all” just made us even more confident of that. If Van’s lyrics have not hit you hard yet, maybe you aren’t listening close enough. We also can’t wait to hear these lyrics live. Songs like “2all” and “Longshot” will likely be fan favorites on their upcoming tour. The band is selling out U.S. venues and are scheduled to hit up festivals all over the world. Check out “2all” below and get tickets here. Also, don’t get mad if you cannot get this song out of your head. We’re all in the same boat.

Featured Image: Instagram (@catfishandthebottlemen)

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