Tame Impala 'Patience' Review

Tame Impala’s Nostalgic Single “Patience” Is Perfect for Letting Loose on the Dance Floor

How long have you been waiting for a new Tame Impala track? Have they tested your… patience? Well, the wait is over because our favorite psych-pop Australian band is back with a new track “Patience.” Following a plethora of releases from classic alt bands, it’s exciting to see Tame Impala on that list.

Bright piano opens the song, echoing from every corner and speaker. Strings support the track and oscillate back and forth. It’s as if the DJ started playing your favorite song at a house party while you’re making a new drink in the kitchen. It incites that energy to run back to the dance floor and let loose. The grainy album cover compliments the vibe of the track: The nostalgic Polaroids from an unforgettable night, a small glimpse into a memory hiding way back in your mind. All in all, it’s a fuzzy and feel good single.

The lyrics describe the experience of “coming-of-age” in a realistic way. “Just growin’ up in stages // Livin’ life in phases.” It’s the less worried outlook on growing up, when you realize there’s nothing more to do than live and let yourself go through all of those stages.

“Patience” is the first new track from Kevin Parker‘s psychedelic project in four years. In the meantime, he’s been busy collaborating with icons like Lady Gaga and Travis Scott, among several others. Although the new album has no street date, Tame Impala has secured headlining spots at Coachella and Lollapalooza. They’re also the musical guest on SNL on Saturday, March 30.

The new LP doesn’t have a set release date yet. In an interview, Parker explained, “I like to think that the album is its own thing. I wouldn’t want in 20 years to be listening to an album I made now and think that I finished it for any deadline or any particular reason. It was finished because it was finished.”

Looks like we’re going to have to wait a little longer for their new LP, but in the meantime, check out “Patience” HERE:

Featured Image: Instagram (@tame_impala)/Interscope Records

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