Lizzo and Missy Elliott Speed Up the “Tempo” in New Collaboration

Missy Elliott’s and Lizzo’s new track “Tempo” is a collaboration we never knew we needed. With Missy Elliott’s legendary swagger and Lizzo’s ability to win an audience over, whether it’s live or through your headphones, the track an undeniable hit.

When a well-seasoned, iconic artist like Missy Elliott takes notice of a newcomer like Lizzo, it’s a pretty big hint that Lizzo is the one to watch. The singer-songwriter has been proving her ability to entertain during a slew of recent performances of her own song “Juice” on The Tonight Show, The Late Late Show, and The Ellen Show. The one main factor that the two have in common is their boss-likeness, owning every rhyme they spit and making us beg for more.

“Tempo” is a call for a faster-paced song that all body types can move to. The track opens up with a powerful rock-inspired guitar solo and uses clever lyrical phrasing, referencing a well-known saying, “Thick thighs save lives, call me little buttercup,” to keep your attention. The song is the body positive anthem people have been waiting for, including Lizzo herself, who opens the song with “I’ve been waiting for this one // Turn it up!”

Missy Elliott puts her own spin on the track, using a catchy rhythm as she breaks it down this with lyrics like, “All the fly girls to the dance floor // I’m big-boned with nice curves.” The messages relayed throughout the song not only make you want to dance but empower you at the same time. There is truly nothing better than a song that can bring people together, and this is for sure one of them.

Whether you’re headed out for a night with your friends or you’re in need of an all-around pump-up song, “Tempo” will be your new go-to—check it out!

Featured Image: Atlantic Records