Khalid 'Self' Review

Khalid Debuts New Single “Self” Ahead of Upcoming Album Free Spirit

Keeping himself very busy, pop star <strong>Khalid is back with yet another single off of his upcoming album, Free Spirit. “Self” will be number 14 on the tracklist for the LP dropping April 5, and it follows the releases of “Talk,” “My Bad,” “Saturday Nights” and “Better.”

“Self” is a self-reflecting song that shows the young singer-songwriter being honest and vulnerable with his listeners. It has a simple beat and sound to it, putting the true focus of the song on the lyrics and the feelings that Khalid is experiencing.

The first verse begins with “I’ve ran away for miles // It’s gettin’ hard for me to breathe // ‘Cause the man that I’ve been runnin’ from is inside of me.” This line in itself shows the introspection and self-awareness that continues throughout the rest of the track. The Texan musician is acknowledging that his worst enemy is within him.

It’s in the chorus that the artist sings “Always had a little trouble with self-reflections // Now, does my raw emotion make me less of a man?” It’s hard for anyone to be vulnerable in fear of looking weak, but it’s even harder to do that in front of millions of listeners. Khalid realizes that he has trouble looking within himself, but that acknowledgement is still a huge self-reflection.

Finally, the second verse brings the 21-year-old back to the reason he started making music in the first place. “I’m not doin’ this to be loved,” he sings. “I’ve been doin’ this to be remembered.” He’s hoping to leave a legacy with his music, and at the pace he’s been going, he most definitely will.

Free Spirit is fast approaching, with just a few more days left until its release. You can listen to “Self” and the rest of the singles in the meantime. We don’t know about you, but we can’t wait to see where Khalid goes with his second full-length LP.

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