Bazzi Serves Us Realness With New Single “Caught In The Fire”

Bazzi snapped back this week with his first single since his hit song with Camila Cabello, “Beautiful.” The single “Caught In The Fire” came out on Monday, April 1, and has been blowing up ever since. Before its release, the singer deleted all his posts on Instagram and unfollowed everyone on both Instagram and Twitter. Of course, fans couldn’t help but wonder what happened — that is, until he came back with his first post, which was the announcement that a new song would be dropping on April Fools’ Day. And no, it wasn’t a prank.

The new single is generally about how humans tend to destroy the world and also themselves. Within the first 40 seconds, the “Mine” singer mentions the world being on fire and sings, “We let a racist orange man be the president, ain’t that just f**kin’ great?”

The lyrics are so deep and they truly represent the struggles that so many people go through, including depression, obsession and anger at the world. He explains that we’re all struggling and that the world has been facing so much tragedy as of late. The relatable lyrics have prompted tons of positive reactions from fans so far, with countless tweets praising the musician on his latest release:

After seeing the reaction from his fanbase and new listeners alike, Bazzi took to social media yesterday to mention that new music might be coming this week. Two new songs in one week is definitely the blessing we didn’t know we needed.

We’re wondering if the next single &mash; which may be dropping this week — is going to include more of his rapping skills or if it will go back to his past R&B and pop music styles. It seems like fans are digging both sides of the singer-songwriter, and TBH, they’re just excited to be getting new music at all. Personally, we can’t wait for the new single, but in the meantime, check out “Caught In The Fire” HERE:

Featured Image: Atlantic Records/Instagram (@bazzi)