Jake Miller 'Based on a True Story' EP Review

Jake Miller Is Back With a Fresh Sound on Based on a True Story EP

ICYMI, Jake Miller recently released his long-awaited EP, and honestly, it’s his best work yet. The 26-year-old singer-songwriter came out with Based on a True Story on March 29, 2019, showcasing a new sound and the start of a new era.

The new EP is definitely different from the music he’s released in the past, but changing and evolving as an artist is always good. The new release features six tracks — all different beats and tones — from sad ballads to upbeat, funky anthems. This new project comes a little over a year after the release of his debut album, Silver Linings, and it’s apparent he has taken that time to grow as an artist and find his sound. Everything from the cover art to the songs give off an ’80s vibe, which Miller said was one of the inspirations for the EP.

The six songs on the EP — “Skinnydip,” “Nikes,” “Wait For You,” “London Lights,” “Nobody Else” and “What If You Fell In Love?” — all tell a different personal story and come from different inspirations, which the “Rumors” singer explains in episodes on his Instagram.

The EP still has his usual Jake Miller sound, but it’s clear the Florida-born artist has stepped out of his comfort zone to create something new. Not only does the “WAIT FOR YOU” singer write his own music, but he also produces it as well. For this project, however, he decided to get some help. He’s come a long way from his days of rapping over a beat. He’s now his truest self and delivering the most authentic, passionate and emotional music of his life. There’s no doubt this will be the most successful year of his career, as he’s already reached his most streamed day on Spotify of all time.

Jake also recently released BOATS merch, including bundle orders that come with a physical copy of the EP that can be purchased on his website. He’s also gearing up to start his U.S. Wait For You Tour next week, so get those tickets while you still can.

You can also check out the recent music videos for “Wait For You” and “Skinnydip.”

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