Simple Creatures Prove They’re the Supergroup We Never Knew We Needed on Debut EP

When Blink 182‘s Mark Hoppus and All Time Low‘s Alex Gaskarth announced their joint project, Simple Creatures, fans were overjoyed. It feels like we’ve been waiting years for the pop-punk icons to release music together, and the time has finally come.

But Simple Creatures’ debut EP, Strange Love, is hardly what we expected. Lyrically, it’s clear the EP was penned by the same writers behind some of the most iconic pop-punk songs of the past decade. Musically, however, the two writers took a sharp turn and delivered an exciting six songs that completely knocked us off our feet.


The album starts off with the experimental track “Drug,” which is full of fuzzy guitar riffs and way more synth than expected. It’s a strong opening, and it sets the tone for the summery album.

“Strange Love,” the title track of the EP, starts off moody before building into an anthemic indie-pop powerhouse. “Strange Love” is the type of song that you can blast with the windows down, filled with the “good vibrations” Gaskarth repeatedly sings about in it.

The EP peaks with the tracks “How to Live” and “Adrenaline.” The two songs have lyrics that listeners can connect with, but they still don’t lose the feel-good vibe that persists throughout the EP. “Adrenaline” jumps out as a standout track, filled with dance-ready beats and catchy hooks that leave you wanting more.

“Ether” slows everything down, offering a moment of rest on the fast-paced EP. The hazy track transitions effortlessly into the closing track “Lucy,” a song with an infectious beat and bubbly chorus.

Overall, the EP is experimental, unpredictable and perfectly timed for the warm days ahead. While they aren’t what we expected, the songs still have the stamp of Hoppus and Gaskarth. It’s no doubt the EP will easily win over fans of both Blink 182 and All Time Low, and we can already tell they’re absolutely loving it.

Simple Creatures just wrapped their first tour under the moniker, and we can’t wait to see what’s next. In the meantime, let us know what you think of the EP in the comments section below, or on Twitter @Soundigest.

Featured Image: Sarah Waxberg

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