"IOU" by EMAN8 Ft. Kid Quill Will Be Your New Favorite Summer Song

Music Newcomer EMAN8 Drops “IOU” Featuring Kid Quill, and It’s Perfect for the Summer

As we’re counting down the days until summer, we’ve already begun curating our playlists, and EMAN8 has the perfect song for us. “IOU,” featuring Kid Quill, is the embodiment of the early 2000s wrapped up into one upbeat single.

The track takes simple, jumpy piano chords and turns it into a love song. The whole way through, you just want to roll your windows down and sing with the people you love. It’s easy to fall in love with the tune with lyrics like, “Maybe I should say some grace ‘cause baby you’re amazing,” followed by, “You got me on that corny sh**, like pocket full of daisies.” If that doesn’t bring a smile to your face upon hearing it, we don’t know what will. The whole single makes you want to fall in love.


The up-and-coming artist is quick and witty with his lyrics, but he’s not like every other rapper on the scene right now. The song is wholesome and pure; it’s just about love and someone who, as he sings, saves his life. He’s not dissing other artists, he’s not rapping about drugs and alcohol, it’s not a song about heartbreak—he’s just talking about easy, simple love. They haven’t made songs like this in a while, and EMAN8 is bringing us just what we needed.

And let’s talk about Kid Quill. He reminds us how important family is in just one short verse by calling out his grandma, dad, sister, mom, and everyone else. “Take nothin’ over the family // Invite ‘em to the show, that sh** was better than the Grammys,” is a line that really stands out. How could you not sing along? He’s one of the most talented artists in the music industry, and we’re SO ready for more.

Big things are coming for both of these talented artists, so it’s time to start listening. With more singles coming soon from EMAN8, and Kid Quill teasing a new album, we can’t wait for our summer to be filled with their music.

Featured Image: Home Planet Records

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