Tame Impala 'Borderline' review

Tame Impala’s “Borderline” Delivers a Thick Blend of Synthy Goodness

Greeted with punchy rhythms and dreamy vocals, Tame Impala presents us with their latest single “Borderline.” Sprinkled with mellow bass lines and bongo hits, the vibey track brings you a thick blend of synthy goodness.

This new track shows off the psychedelic tendencies of this group. Even though it’s full of lush synth pads and rhythms, it’s a bit saturated with the repetitive vocals of Kevin Parker.

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Trying to appease the festival crowd, make something memorable, or create a track that is annoyingly repetitive? That’s for each listener to decide. However, it can be easy to lean a bit to the overly repetitive side.

The airy vocals skillfully mask the idea of the push and pull of living. “We’re on the borderline // Caught between the tides of pain and rapture,” Parker dreamily sings. “Then I saw the time // Watched it speedin’ by like a train.” Parker asks the many of the existential questions haunting him throughout the rest of the track. “Will I be known and loved? // Is there one that I trust?” It gives the song a sense of longing, yearning for these questions to be answered in a spiral of thick synths.


After headlining Coachella this past weekend, Tame Impala is set to play live all over the place. They’ll be headlining other festivals across the country, including Lollapalooza, Shaky Knees Festival and Boston Calling, so there will be plenty of opportunities to catch them.

Hopefully, this latest single is a sign that more is yet to come. Perhaps a new album from the them this year? Although there is no confirmation as of yet, many fans have been speculating that we can expect new music within the year.

In the meantime, Check out “Borderline” HERE:

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