Maisie Peters 'Favorite Ex' Review

“Favourite Ex” By Maisie Peters Is About to Be Your New Favorite Song

Who doesn’t love an acoustic single? Completely candid music is hard to come by these days, but if you’re looking for relatable songs about love and heartbreak, Maisie Peters is the new artist for you. She just released a new single, “Favourite Ex,” and it’s on its way to being your new favorite track. No, seriously.

From the U.K., the young singer-songwriter has a way of tugging at our heartstrings with her enchanting voice and guitar chords. “Favourite Ex” makes us think about that one person that we wish we could’ve made it work with, but ultimately couldn’t. We all have them — otherwise known as “the one that got away.” Sound familiar? We thought so!

Not only is Maisie’s voice pure magic, but she truly has a way with words. With lyrics like “you were my best nights and worst fights and couldn’t care less,” partnered with “you were my no sleep, cried for weeks, favourite ex,” can make anyone feel that one grueling heartbreak all over again.


The 18-year-old is entirely herself and candid in her songs, adding to her charm. You can seriously feel the emotion emanating from her, and the addition of some simple strings over her acoustic guitar really makes the track spectacular.

It’s hard to be vulnerable in your music, but Peters has perfected it at such a young age. She’s so in touch with herself and her feelings, and it really pays off when it comes to her music. Coming off her 2018 debut EP, Dressed Too Nice for a Jacket, the only way to go is up for the talented singer.

If you’re ready to get in touch with your feelings and your vulnerable side, “Favourite Ex” and every other song by Maisie Peters would be perfect for you. This is just the beginning for Peters, and we’re so excited to watch her come even more into her own with her future music. Congrats, Maisie!

Featured Image: Atlantic Records UK

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