Jack Antonoff Gives a Much-Needed Update About the Next Bleachers Album

For those of you who don’t know, BleachersJack Antonoff is the man behind some of pop music’s most magnetic hits. From Taylor Swift‘s Reputation to Lorde‘s Grammy-nominated Melodrama, the former Fun. band member has had a streak when it comes to collaborating with high-profile pop stars.

After his latest ventures with Lana Del Rey‘s Norman Fucking Rockwell and Kevin Abstract‘s “ARIZONA baby,” he’s now hinting at brand new music from his own band. Antonoff never seems to slow down — and he’s constantly creating and posting about his latest projects on his official social media accounts. For example, the musical genius took to Instagram a few days ago to confirm that the next album is currently being written. See?

This wasn’t the first time he hinted at #B3, though! Back in February, he tweeted all about how there’s a few songs he loves, but that he’s still working on putting the puzzle of the band’s third LP together.

Bleachers released their second LP Gone Now in summer 2017, delivering a plethora of feel-good jams and self-reflection. It rivaled greatly with their debut album Strange Desire which set the tone for a thriving career within the indie-rock genre.

We’re all familiar with “I Wanna Get Better,” the track that set the band’s popularity ablaze. It unveiled a string of hope in a bleak reality for young adults. They kept that alive throughout each release, allowing listeners to reflect on childhood memories, relationship traumas, and realize who their heroes are.

Bleachers’ absence has been felt greatly in the music scene — Antonoff’s knack for lyrical storytelling leaves loyal listeners hoping for his sense of wisdom. The 35-year-old’s musical résumé is quite impressive, constantly expanding amongst some of today’s biggest pop stars. But it’s promising to see he’s saving some of his best for his own personal gain. Antonoff has a deep passion for the music process and even revealed some of the steps he took while making some of the best tracks from the band’s sophomore album, Gone Now, in his own personal studio.

It showcases a musical genius at work and a glimpse into what he’s recently been doing for his third album. No matter what direction it goes, we’re sure it will be done tediously and with an overwhelming sense of care only Antonoff can deliver.

Featured image source: Instagram (@jackantonoff)