Modest Mouse Prove They’re Not Going Anywhere With New Single “I’m Still Here”

Did you forget about Modest Mouse? Well, they want us to remember that they’re still here. On April 18, the Washington-based band released their second single in 2019. “I’m Still Here” is short, sassy and funny. Reminiscent of some of Modest Mouse’s previous work, the new single is catchy and right to the point. “I’m Still Here” will accompany “Poison the Well” on Modest Mouse’s seventh album, which will hopefully be out later this year.

At a minute and 30 seconds, “I’m Still Here,” is one of Modest Mouse’s shortest singles. However, the band is known to throw the occasional short zinger into their albums. This song is a reminder to the fans that the band is not going anywhere. After several albums and over 20 years of music, the quirky rockers are here to stay.

Lyrically, the track could relate well to a bad relationship or friendship. Albeit short, the song still hits close to home. We have all been ignored or been made the butt of a joke while still in the room. Now we have singer Isaac Brock‘s words to back us up. You can’t get rid of us that easily — especially if catchy drums and guitars are involved.

Modest Mouse knows how to have fun. They also know how to put a smile on their fans’ faces. Although the rock band often goes off the beaten path, they never seem to disappoint. With the both “I’m Still Here” and “Poison the Well” being entertaining singles, we can’t wait for more. And it only gets better! The band of multi-instrumentalists will be opening for The Black Keys in the fall, so be sure to catch Modest Mouse on the road soon. And of course, listen to “I’m Still Here” right now to hold you over until the official album announcement.

Featured Image: Instagram (@modestmouse)/ Epic