Taylor Swift Releases 'ME!' Single and Music Video

Taylor Swift Drops New Single “ME!” Featuring Brendon Urie — and a Brand New Music Video Too!

Holy crap, you guys! Taylor Swift has been teasing the fact that new music would drop on April 26, but we seriously can’t believe the day is finally here. We mean, it seems like just yesterday we were dressed in head-to-toe snakeskin at the Reputation Stadium Tour, and now all we’re seeing are sparkles, rainbows, and yes, lots of butterflies.

You know what that means, don’t you? A brand new T. Swift era is upon us, and it all starts with “ME!” — the first single from her upcoming seventh studio album, which fans have aptly coined TS7 (well, at least for now).

When we first heard the rumors that “ME!” would feature Panic! at the Disco‘s Brendon Urie, we were nervous. Deep down, we all know that the 29-year-old pop star never disappoints, but considering her first few albums were written and sung entirely by her and only her, we were a little shook to hear that the first single of this era would be a collaboration.

Now that it’s here, we realize we had absolutely nothing to be concerned about. The collab with Brendon turned out to be an amazing choice, because honestly, the single is FIRE. And it’s a good thing we love it so much because something tells us our local radio stations will not stop playing the track for the next several weeks (probably months). Just like the vibes she’s been giving off in her recent Instagram teases, the song is vibrant and bubbly, and marks a brighter chapter of the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer’s music career.

Some standout lyrics include, “I never leave well enough alone // And trouble’s gonna follow where I go,” and “‘Cause one of these things is not like the others // Livin’ in winter, I am your summer.” We’re also obsessed with the chorus. Keeping it simple and easy to sing along to, Swift has done it again. We know it’ll be stuck in Swifties heads for days to come (it certainly will be stuck in ours, too). But wait, there’s more exciting news.

We know, we know — she’s too good to us! Along with the song, the “Delicate” singer dropped a corresponding music video, and to say it’s everything we could have ever hoped for would still be a major understatement. It made all of our pastel dreams come true.


In typical Taylor fashion, the video began with a reference to Reputation, as a pastel-colored snake slithered down the street. About 15 seconds in, that snake burst into a cluster of butterflies. We’re then taken to a scene in a Parisian mansion, where Swift and Urie argue in FRENCH! (Looks like we can add another item to our list of things Taylor can do — heads up, that list is pretty much endless.)

The track begins after Swift storms out of the apartment, and needless to say, we were hooked immediately. The visual is vibrant and cheerful, just like the track itself. If it didn’t bring a smile to your face as you watched, there must be something wrong.

Considering she dropped such an epic song/music video combo, it’s safe to say that diehard Swifties are stoked, and already we’re envisioning sold-out stadiums full of colorful hair chalk and strictly pastel clothing.

“Honestly, Taylor Swift gives her fans what they need. I needed a bubblegum pop song. So I thank you, Taylor, for delivering,” one fan tweeted about the new track.

Another fan was just as excited about the colorful music video, writing, “My reaction went from ‘Omg, this is so great,’ to ‘HOLY MOLY, OH MY GOD, I NEED HELP. MY HEART CANT PROCESS ALL THIS.'”

Honestly, we feel these tweets on a spiritual level, and remember — these are just two of thousands of fan reactions to her latest hit single and vid. Well, how do you think “ME!” measures up to Swift’s other singles? Actually, don’t answer that. We’re currently blasting the song on repeat and we can’t hear your opinion anyway!

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