H.E.R. 'Hard' Music Video Review

H.E.R. Shows How “Hard” It Is to Balance Career Success With a Relationship in New Music Video for “Hard Place”

H.E.R. is making it hard for us not to love this new music video! “Hard Place” is a track that immediately takes us back to a relatable time that occurs in every relationship, where you’re dancing along the fine line of wanting time for your own dreams and time for your relationship.

The music video opens with a flash to the end of the storyline, which makes it impossible to not watch. Scenes throughout the video continuously go back to the shot of H.E.R. and her love interest, laid back singing along to the words of “Hard Place” We soon see that the couple also makes strides to become a musical duo, but only H.E.R. is pursued by music industry executives.

Does H.E.R. venture off on a solo career? Or does she stay with her partner instead? This seems to be the space between love and a hard place that the song hooks back to in the chorus.

“Oh, I’m caught between your love and a hard place, Oh I wish there was a right way. I’m caught between your love and a hard place,” she sings.

Luckily, the video shows H.E.R. accepting the phone call with the executive, and ultimately taking the industry by storm. We then see the struggles of how H.E.R.’s love interest deals with seeing his girlfriend live out his dream as well. As fans wave their lights back and forth in an endless crowd at H.E.R.’s concert, we see her love interest with his hands on his head, bent down and filled with confusion.

Even though not everyone has the pressure of being an internationally known artist, the storyline of the struggle between choosing to dedicate time to yourself or to your relationship is one every young adult knows. This music video ends by flashing back to the laid back time in a sunlit room before their story and struggles ever truly began. Although those were probably simpler times for H.E.R., we can safely say that the world is better with her music in it.

Featured Image: RCA Records

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