Shawn Mendes Almost Gave Dua Lipa His New Single

Shawn Mendes Almost Gave “If I Can’t Have You” to Pop Songstress Dua Lipa

Wow, you guys! Shawn Mendes almost gave his new single “If I Can’t Have You” to “New Rules” singer, Dua Lipa, and we’re just as surprised as you are!

In an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music’s Beats 1 Best of the Week Show, the 20-year-old “In My Blood” crooner revealed that he thought the track would be “really cool” for Lipa.

“I was back in the studio with Teddy Geiger and Nate [Mercreau] and I was playing it on piano and I was like oh my god this would be really cool for Dua Lipa,” he revealed. “It was on guitar and I turned it to piano it was right after ‘One Kiss’ came out. In the voice note, I’m speaking like I’m gonna send to Dua — I’m like, ‘Okay, Dua, I have this song I have just a chorus we can finish it if you want.'”

After listening to the track again, Mendes ultimately realized he wanted to keep it for himself.


The singer-songwriter also revealed that his next big ambition is acting.

“[Acting] is the biggest you-have-to-own it thing. As I’m starting to see I can own this singing thing, I think I’ll fall into acting and stuff more, 100 percent. I wanna do some acting. I wanna do some acting soon. Like, very soon. I think that’s, like, my next big thing that I wanna step into.”

Despite the fact that he wants to step into acting, the star revealed that auditions make him very nervous.

“I did one audition and when I say that is the most nervous I’ve ever — I mean, I played at Wembley just with an acoustic guitar and was okay, and I mean, I walked in and it was me and three people that were auditioning and my hands were shaking. I don’t even think I was speaking English. It was insane, dude. Acting is very, very hard. It’s really super nerve-wracking but I wanna do it.”

And he already has an idea for what his dream role would be: Working on a biopic of the late, great Elvis Presley.

“It’d be amazing to be able to do something about Elvis. I think that would be great.”

You can listen to the full interview here and watch the video for “If I Can’t Have You” below.

Featured Image: Island Records/Instagram (@dualipa)

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