Kim Petras Secures the Bag in New Single “Got My Number”

Pop princess Kim Petras is releasing bop after bop just in time for summer! On May 1, Petras dropped the fun, energetic single “Got My Number,” following the release of her spiteful breakup track “Broken.” Perhaps this marks a new era for Petras’ music? The two new singles feel as opposite as night and day, which goes to show that Petras can pull off just about anything! Her newest release “Got Your Number” is a playful, lighthearted party bop that was meant for a girls’ night out.

The song opens up with the sound of a telephone ringing, which is abruptly cut off by an unidentifiable voice saying, “Girl…” Petras picks up the other end of the line to greet the caller with, “What’s up b*tch?” Just seconds after the song begins, you can already pick up on Petras’ polished, plastic aesthetic. The song jumps straight into the chorus as Petras sings, “I don’t wanna be a good girl tonight // I just wanna be your bad girl, alright // Just wanna be your only one, you should hit me up // Boy, you got my number.” The chorus reflects the premise of the entire song. The singer makes her best effort to convince her crush to call her up for a good time since he already has her digits saved in his phone.

This new release from Petras is exactly what we could have expected, and then some. After the release of “Broken,” the pop-singer bounces back with “Got My Number” to help lighten up her discography. Like most of her other songs, “Got My Number” sounds heavily influenced by 90s bubblegum pop. The musical content is very upbeat and consistent throughout the track. Petras’ high pitched nasally vocals adds volume to the sassy, hyper-fem character she emulates.

Petras takes more risks in this single with her lyricism, and we pride her for that! In the pre-chorus, she sings, “I got this feeling in my body, in my body tonight // And when we leavin’, my body is your party tonight // If you want it, you can get it, so what you waitin’ for? // In the kitchen, on the counter, on the bed or the floor, yeah.” The singer takes pride in her image and exudes sexy confidence. Petras has been a significant public figure for the LGBTQ+ community, and it’s important for her to share her confidence in her identity and sexuality as a transgender woman thriving, despite the current state of society.

The pop princess closes the single with her iconic catchphrase “woo-ah!” followed by the caller on the other end of the line saying, “Secure the bag, sis.”

Catch Petras on her North American Broken Tour throughout the month of June! Tickets are available here.

Featured Image: AWAL