Chelsea Cutler Jeremy Zucker Brent EP

Chelsea Cutler and Jeremy Zucker Dive Deep Into Heartbreak in Brent EP

Our tears just barely dried after listening to Chelsea Cutler and Jeremy Zucker’s recent single “You Were Good To Me.” Now, the duo has hit us even harder with a debut EP titled Brent. Each of the tracks hit us in a different way, but if there’s one thing for certain, it’s that you will feel every kind of heartbreak we have all gone through in just five songs.

“You Were Good To Me” kicks off the EP, already setting an emotional tone. “Please” comes next, and we’re immediately taken to a situation where we’re pleading someone to stay. Cutler and Zucker use the chorus to beg, “Please don’t leave me here // I don’t know where I started // Please don’t leave me here // I don’t know where my heart is,” and the bridge ends on the heart-wrenching lines of, “Promises you’re breaking // parts of me you’re taking // I don’t know myself when you’re not around.”

We’re then taken to the love we wish we never had in “Sometimes.” Cutler takes this vulnerable piece on with her own, singing, “’cause I love you but sometimes I’d rather die // Than have to feel this way inside.” You can feel the emotion in her voice as she sings this line, and it certainly packs a punch. She has a way of expressing everything using just in her voice.


If you’ve ever asked why you’re not good enough for somebody, “Hello Old Friend” will break it down for you. The song’s arrangement entails Cutler and Zucker singing different verses that are repeated throughout the song, but it opens up with, “You’re asking way too much of me // I’m running out of energy,” followed later by, “Is it just enough to be at the surface? Now I’m underwater // One, two breaths and it makes me nervous, I have more to offer.” The unique duet is open for interpretation, and we’ll each relate it to ourselves in a different way, which is the beauty of this kind of music.

Finally, the EP ends with “Scared,” and we’re scared by how good Jeremy Zucker portrays the fear we all feel when in love. The pre-chorus, “I see oceans in your eyes // It makes me scared,” as well as the last line of the chorus, “So yeah, I’m scared // But I won’t let it get to me,” perfectly show us just how terrifying it is to fall in love, but also how we need to move past it. “Scared” was the perfect ending to such a vulnerable EP.

Brent is really something special, and Cutler and Zucker are a young power-duo. Individually, they’re gaining their own popularity and success in their own sounds, but when they come together, it’s something magical. If you want something to relate to, listen to Brent, out everywhere now.

Featured Image: Instagram (@chelseacutler)

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