Ruel Drops Music Medicine With New Single “Painkiller”

Australian singer Ruel has finally dropped new music! The 16-year-old singer-songwriter released “Painkiller,” and it’s just the dose of musical medicine you need.

The on-the-rise artist’s new single stays true to his infamous pop-R&B sound, showcasing his rich and authenticly soulful voice. Working with producer M-Phases once again, this new track shows definite growth when compared to his debut single “Golden Years.”

“Painkiller” is the perfect song to set the tone for Ruel’s upcoming EP. It displays maturity in his songwriting while still holding on to those jazz and soul influences heard in earlier releases.

Ruel sings, “You’re my painkiller // When my brain gets bitter // You keep me close // When I’ve been miserable // And it takes forever // To make my brain get better,” as the bass and piano intertwine with his passionately raspy vocals.

On an Australian radio show, Ruel explained the inspiration for the track came from thinking of his hometown, and his family was his metaphorical painkiller and stress reliever while he was away from home when writing in LA.

So much success has come in such little time for Ruel, from performing at Coachella with electro artist SG Lewis to selling out some of the largest venues of his career—not to mention being the youngest male artist in history to play, and sell out, the Sydney Opera House on his current Painkiller Australian tour, all while keeping his strong sense of humility.

The talented artist released a music video for the single in addition to the track itself and his confidence is surely apparent. In the visual, Ruel comfortably and carelessly dances around a hazardous home with a band playing in hazmat suits matching the aesthetic of the single’s cover art.

With a career sure to continue growing and breaking records, there’s no stopping this unexplainably talented singer from taking over.

Featured Image: RCA Records