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Electronic Pop Duo Le Boom Drops Dreamy Debut EP

Electronic pop duo Le Boom just released their debut EP All of My Highs, and it was well worth the wait. The Irish duo is made up of Christy Leech and Aimie Mallon has almost 80k monthly listeners on Spotify and have been featured on the Running UK and New Music Friday UK Spotify playlists.

The EP consists of four tracks “Be There for You,” “Dancing Bug,” “Just Want To,” and “All of My Highs.” The highly danceable tracks all complement each other extremely well and make a solid collective body of work. The light and airy techno tone of “Be There for You” leads perfectly into “Just Want You.” The second track picks up the pace with a stronger pulse and even more electronic tones and synths.


“Dancing Bug,” a collaboration with a fellow Irish act Æ MAK, is an anthemic track that speaks on the idea of escaping the present with lyrics like, “These four walls keep me up // Won’t say I’m not enough // I can fight, I can hide // This dance I dance is ours.”

The final track, “All of My Highs,” ties the entire EP together by having the most empathetic and energetic presence throughout the body of work. The song is the perfect representation of the talented duo and keeps fans engaged with a strong rhythm and insightful lyrics. The pair have had quite the impressive year by selling out an Irish headlining tour. We can not wait to see what’s next for the pair!

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